Because Interns Rock!

by Event Coordinator

One of the things that we love about internships with Version Sports is that our interns get a chance to really do fun and exciting stuff. If you know someone who would like a chance to have an internship that has lots of movement, where they will meet lots of people, can be creative, or if you know someone who can't sit still, they are the perfect intern for us!

We love to have our interns go to networking events, be at sales tables, go to running events, host runs, post walking events and more.

Here is what our interns say about us 

"I loved being able to be hands-on especially at events" -Linz

Sales Internship

Creating a sales and marketing plan is really one of the key items in all learning. We have a 20-hour a week internship that has some incredible perks and directly supports our sales teams.

This job will involve market research, the creation of sales tools, and direct outreach. 

If you are someone who is going into sales and marketing this is probably an opportunity you won't want to miss! 

We believe in giving all of our interns hands-on experiences that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. So we really let our interns roll up their sleeves and get dirty. 

Graphics Intern for the Summer! 

We have a fantastic summer internship that actually allows interns to create final product. If you are a superstar that has lots of creative ideas and just needs to utilize them, this is absolutely the space for you.

Each summer we take on six large projects and two interns to make magical things happen. One of the best perks about working for us is that you get to work in a beautiful space, the work environment has lots of fantastic creative people in it, and you can have flexible hours. Resume builder! 

Here is what our interns say about us:

"They allowed me to use my photography skills in ways that no other internship would have. They allowed me to express in my own unique way and to share it across media. Some of the pictures they use I took!!! I am very proud of the work I did as an intern" - Kate 

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Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator