CEO VISIT - To Your Classroom

by Event Coordinator


One of the fun things that happens here at Version Sports is our CEO Mark Yount is willing to come talk to small business classes about his journey with Version Sports. If you have a college level class that is specific to entrepreneurial endeavors, please contact our office to schedule a visit with our CEO. 

Another interesting fact is that he is an ultramarathon runner, so you can ask him how you too can run 78 miles in one day! 

If you live in a state other than Minnesota, he is available to do that interview with your class via Skype.

The consistent reviews from professors who have invited him to their classes is that they appreciated the rugged nature of the journey. No sugarcoating, just the real story of how many hills you have to climb to become successful.

Building a brand is hard work, and creating a new concept in an industry that doesn't always want to make way for new concepts was even harder. This has been the journey of our ultramarathon! 

Let us tell you about our finish line! 


Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator