Chapter Now

by Annie Isler



A journey starts with a purpose.  In the realm of health and wellness, our purpose is how we orient ourselves each and every day.  Some may feel connected to the social aspect of being active.  Some may feel connected to the physical rewards of being active.  Some may feel connected to the skill mastery associated to physical wellness.  Finding your purpose, your why, will be the compass for your journey.  Every decision made, knowing or unknowingly, will move us closer to or further from goals on our journey.

My journey with basketball began when I was eight years old.  I started playing at the park with boys that were much older than me.  The empowerment I felt after leaving the court each day was something I grew to love.  My connection was in loving the game for how it challenged me to grow.  I would take the lessons learned on the blacktop to play for a Hall of Fame coach in high school and a Hall of Fame coach in college.  My coaches taught me how to harness my love for the game, and then seize daily opportunities to strive for my best. 

The game I love has given me so much.  The people I have met, the places I have been, and the lessons I have learned are absolute gifts.  As the years passed from collegiate athletics, I have had to navigate what wellness is for me.  Food, exercise, and everyday life are now connected to my understanding of what now is.  If I’m going to be my best self right now, my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness are priorities.  I choose habits that allow me to express my best self in the now.  Of course there are days where I misstep.  Those days remind me to regroup and return to what is most important.

No matter what your journey has for you, live in the now.  Today is the only day we are guaranteed.  The commitments we make to ourselves in physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness should be grounded in the day we are in.  It’s normal to get overwhelmed, discouraged, and disheartened when it comes to food, exercise, and our everyday challenges.  When we focus on the now, the step that is directly in front of us, our journey can stay rooted in what is most important.

Annie Isler
Annie Isler


Annie Isler is a women’s basketball coach, most recently serving the Minnesota Lynx as their Player Development Associate. Over the last seven years, Isler has coached at the high school, collegiate, and professional level. She is a 2009 graduate of Carleton College, where she lettered 4 times in basketball and served as team captain. Isler is a native of Minneapolis.