Running, Diets, Nutrition and Life Changes

by Doug Campbell


That's a heavy title. A lot of stuff in one tidy sentence.

When I sat down at my computer, I didn't have a clue as what to write about. Running, diets, nutrition and life changes was first to enter my brain so I went with that. I'm a simple guy.

Running...I started running back in the '90s when I reached a portly 197 lbs on my 5' 8" (at the time) frame. Now I think I'm 5' 7".  Life changes. I swore that I would not hit 200 so I began running because I thought that would be the easiest way to lose weight. Nobody told me I needed to change my diet too. So after losing a few pounds, getting shin splints and cursing every step because it hurt I started to change my nutrition and diet too.

Diet...I gradually cut out chips (not entirely), ice cream (not entirely) and double helpings of just about everything (not entirely). I lost a couple more pounds. That was encouraging but I still had shin splints and cursed almost every step. Progress.

Nutrition...I added fruits (sometimes) and more veggies (sometimes). This filled me up more resulting in less tummy room for the burgers, chips and ice cream. It also changed my taste buds. Weird, but gradually I didn't crave sweets as often (sometimes) and began to look for other veggies to add to my diet. It was a gradual thing. It didn't happen overnight. Nothing of value does.

After all of the bad nutritional news about pop and soda I stopped drinking it. Cold turkey. Nada. Nothing. I now drink only water and coffee (mostly) but again my taste buds changed. I don't miss the sugar of soda and the bloating from drinking it. Food tastes better. Try it. Drink water with your pizza. The pizza tastes better. Score!

So from the mid '90s to now I went from that husky 197 to 141 today. Not overnight. I just decided my health and the way that I felt each and every day meant more to me than eating crap all of the time. Worked for me, maybe it'll work for you too.

When the CEO of Version Sports approached me about helping to launch his new company I thought it would be a great way to incorporate healthy nutrition into my diet and nutrition. The bars taste great and fill you up. That 3:00 p.m. coffee break with a chocolate nut Version bar is much better for me than a chocolate covered cake donut. I love chocolate covered cake donuts and still eat them too (sometimes).

Life changes.. Since 2009 my life has had ups and downs professionally and personally. It is hard to take sometimes. Life changes and it is not always for the best. Being in better shape and eating healthier has helped me handle those changes.

That, and a loving wife. 

Doug Campbell
Doug Campbell


Doug began running years ago and discovered trail running five years ago. Follow his blog at and coffee toast runner on Twitter.