Women's Hockey is Amazing!

by Event Coordinator

Last week Version Sports sponsored a booth at the Women's Hockey Association of Minnesota's (WHAM) tournament. We chose to be a sponsor not only as a supporter of women's athletics but of women's hockey as well. 

Minnesota is our home base and it is the home base of one of the largest female hockey associations on the planet. 

I got the chance to meet the winner of this year's Women's Hockey Hall of Fame,  Beth Chaplin, who insisted that, while I was there taking pictures, I should really consider signing up for hockey. She also went on to let me know that she did not start playing hockey until she was in her 40s. Her advice to everyone is to look for an association and just try to get on the ice. 

There has been a lot of debate over women's athletics, specifically with hockey this year. We at Version Sports just want to make sure that we give a huge shout out to women playing hockey all over the world. We appreciate you and support you! 

Event Coordinator
Event Coordinator