Mark Yount | CEO & CSO



Version Sports had its inception during a run — not just any run, but an ultra-marathon. At the ripe old age of 38, Mark Yount had become a runner, and by 43 was taking on ultra-marathons. It was at around Mile 30 of one such 31-mile trail race when Mark hit a moment of fatigue, faltering self-esteem, and the edge of hallucination that led to a question: “Why aren’t athletic nutrition products focused on us as individuals?”

Mark shook off his doubts and finished the race, but he couldn’t shake that question. It made perfect sense to give people the optimum fuel to compete at their optimum athletic level.  So he reached out to Dr. Peter Rattigan, a good friend, who teaches Health Sciences and is also fellow runner. Peter and Mark then quickly roped Dr. Greg Biren into the discussions, and Version Sports was born, the Worlds FIRST Age-Optimized/Gender-Specific nutrition bars.

Mark’s work on Version Sports hasn’t kept him from continuing his extreme running feats over the years to include many self-planned runs, such as:

  • The scenic 200-mile North Shore of Lake Superior from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Duluth in five days
  • A 70 mile run from his home in Minneapolis to his daughter’s graduation at Gustavus Adolphus College in 19 hours and 5 minutes
  • A 5-day 200-mile run from the South Dakota border to the Wisconsin border across Minnesota in 5 days, 13 hours, and 10 minutes
  • A 60-mile run on his 60th birthday along the Twin Cities Marathon route, first forward, then backwards, then running home to Mile 8
  • Over 20 Ultra-marathons, 24-hour extreme distance events, and marathons at altitude, including Pikes Peak

      Supported by family and friends every mile of the way, Mark is just as passionate and relentless about Version Sports as running. He never quits and is always contemplating “what’s next,” especially when it comes to the distance of his runs. After all, he’s become hooked on the fact that many people now think he’s clinically insane.


      Mark Yount | CEO, 50+

      Greg Biren, PhD | Kinesiologist, 50+

      Peter Rattigan, PhD | Kinesiologist, 50+