Nutrition Benefits for the Active Male

Powering and protecting the male body through the years is both an art AND a science. Maximizing your individual strengths and sidestepping the aging process requires addressing both over the long haul. Version Sports has developed your Specific Nutritional Profiles based on the help and health you’ll need to compete in the everyday grind and complete the marathon of life.

Age 20 – Glutamine - B Vitamins - BCAA*  - PLUS PROTEIN

You are in the “prime” of your life to increase lean body mass.  However as workouts get tougher, recovery gets harder.  Branched chain amino acids help prevent fatigue and increase stamina. To perform your best you need energy! B-vitamins assist in energy production required for training and recovery.

Age 30 – Chromium - B Vitamins - BCAA*

You are training hard and eating right, but keeping those extra pounds off is getting tough. Chromium is an important mineral for regulating blood sugar and reducing weight gain. As workouts get harder, Branched chain amino acids improve energy and reduce fatigue. B-vitamins assist in energy production during and after intense training.

Age 40 – Glucosamine - Chondroitin - Vitamin E

Joint pain may begin to to appear; glucosamine helps to alleviate the wear and tear of all the hard workouts. Vitamins C and E act as antioxidants to reduce muscle damage and promote recovery.

Age 50 – Lutein - Glucosamine  - Vitamin D

You won’t quit – and won’t let your joints slow you down; glucosamine will help keep them healthy. Lutein acts as an important antioxidant protecting eyes from the effects of sunlight.  You need to stay sharp in other ways too; Vitamin D is important for keeping your bones strong and preventing cognitive decline.

* Branched-Chain Amino Acids