Nutrition Benefits for the Active Female

As an active female, you have very distinct advantages, needs, and attributes as you go through the decades of life. At Version Sports we focus on these individual characteristics and challenges and provide specific nutrients that help deliver the energy, strength, and overall balance to your physical portfolio. Your needs change with time and so do our Specific Nutritional Profiles.

Age 20 – Calcium  Iron - Folic Acid

You are always looking for an edge to get and stay in great shape. Iron and calcium are nutrients that can help you achieve that edge both mentally and physically, keeping you focused and helping in the breakdown of unwanted fats.

Age 30 – Chromium – Calcium – Iron

Now is the time your bones are reaching their peak in strength; Proper amounts of calcium is the key to maintaining that strength. At your age, fluctuating blood sugar and increased appetite can both end in weight gain; adding Chromium to your daily diet can help in the regulation of unwanted spikes in blood sugar.

Age 40 – Chondroitin – Glucosamine - Vitamin C 

The wear and tear of younger years can start to catch up to you and you can feel it in your joints; glucosamine contributes to healthy joint function and can alleviate joint pain. You still want to exercise hard, but this can cause cell damage; Vitamins C and E acts as antioxidants to reduce muscle damage and promote a healthy recovery.

Age 50 – Calcium - Omega 3 - Lutein

You want to stay active, feel good and maintain an active lifestyle; Bone strength is dependent on  and consuming adequate daily calcium. Omega 3 fatty acids help improve cardiovascular function and are essential for women in their 50’s. Proper amounts of  Lutein acts as an important antioxidant, protecting eyes from the effects of sunlight.